About us

Mag. Elke Zechner

LabConsulting.at – General Manager for Finance and Logistics

Mag. Michael Zechner

LabConsulting.at – General Manager for Sales and Marketing

BW 198x210
Jomah Weigmann

LabShop at Vienna BioCenter – Customer Service

gerhard tichy 201x208
Gerhard Tichy

LabService – Technical Service Manager

The LabConsulting team is well connected with clients and global partners around the world. The team lean on more than 25 years in business development, trade and project business in Lab businesses. With 100% engagement, a lot of interest and patient Labconsulters are doing there jobs. Always a fairplay and with intention for a better living together we live business partnership each single day, this is our motivation.

We are looking forward to meet also YOU on this base and to support you in your next project. as your new partner !