Life Style Products

Life Style Products


Great, funny and sometimes crazy products which can be also used as a birthday and friend´s present for your colleagues, family, pets and more.

Your advantage: Extraordinary, fantastic and crazy presents for everybody !

DNA Portraits from ZoomDNA

ZoomDNA3   DNA Portait 2

ZoomDNA2    ZoomDNA1

Single02    DNAportraithund

Make a great present to your Darling with a gift coupon with his own DNA Portrait !

Surprise him with an extraordinary present at a great event or make your office more hip and individually. With a DNAportrait from ZoomDNA you always have a absolutely personally, individually and absolutely hipe present for each worldopen and modern human in your hands.

More about these DNA Portaits you can find here: www.zoomdna.com

We would be more then happy to inform you personally about this DNA Portraits via e-mail: info@labconsulting.at and tel: 0043 1 2442855.