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Aggregometer and the Osmocells are 2 innovation from French innovater SD Innovation, and now they are available for your clinical applications.

The Aggregometer is a semi-automation for platelet Aggregation. It enables the measurement of the kinetics of blood platelet aggregation.

Very easy to use, thanks to embedded computing, it  provides rapid, reliable and reproducible measurements. It is available as an 4 measurement channel and scaleable to 8 measurement channel (Patient) version.

Application fields

  • Functional platelet exploration (haemorrhagiparous pathologies, effects of antiplatelets treatments) ;
  • Activity quantification of the Ristocetin co-factor (“von Willebrand” factor) ;
  • Detection of the platelet’s factor activator : Thrombopenia Induced by Heparine (TIH) ;

Reagents for platelet aggregation and protocols are associated

ADP reagent, Epinephrin reagent, Arachidonic Acid reagent, Ristocetin reagent, Collagen reagent,Lyophilized platelets kit

The SD Aggregometer Broschure

The SD-Medical Osmocells (CE IVD)

SD Medical Osmocells measures the osmotic resistance of the blood cells’ membrane. Automatize the manual technique of DACIE in a significantly reduced time.

Your benefit : In only 2 minutes of Manipulation you get results within 10 minutes.

SD-Medical Osmocells provides rapid, reliable and reproducible measurements.

Application fields

  • Erythrocytes :
    Characterization of the hemolysis (fragility membranaire). Allows the determination of certain erythrocytes pathologies (Minkowski Chauffard).
  • Blood platelets :
    Characterization of swelling and the cellular lyses by slow dialysis or by the test described as « the hypotonic shock response » (option), favoring for example, assessing the viability of platelet concentrates

BioLogics is a leading innovator and manufacturer of laboratory instrumentation for the Life Sciences. They offer novel systems that dramatically enhance microbiology applications such as automating antibiotic potency testing (OMNICON Antibiotic Zone Reader – Zones of Inhibition) and bacterial automated colony Counter.

For the Drug Discovery researcher, they manufacture automated systems for sensitivity testing (tumor colony analyzer) of chemotherapeutic or radiation therapeutic agents.

For the Life Science Researcher, they manufacture the most complete line of Ultrasonic Homogenizers (Sonicator) and accessories.

As recognized a leading manufacturer of Image Analysis System, BioLogics offers “turn-key” applications for testing antibiotic potency (antibiotic bio-assay). We’ve also developed ancillary products such as Peni Cylinders, Peni Cylinder Dispensers and the OMNI-Noculator, a revolutionary robotic liquid dispensing system to fill Peni Cylinders. Our strength lies in the ability to provide application support and prompt and efficient customer service.

BioLogics offers a complete line of manual to motorized Peni Cylinder Dispensers. Stainless steel Peni Cylinders are available in two configurations, Flat Face or Chamfered Face (beveled).

The Peni Cylinder Dispenser with Motorized Hopper continuously rotates the Hopper providing the configured number of Peni Cylinders onto the 100mm round petri dish with a pull of the lever

The AccuCount series of automated colony counters are designed to count macroscopic or micoscopic objects in a field displaying totals on a highly visible digital readout. Its outstanding sensitivity and resolution permits counting of a wide range of object types and sizes, including bacterial colonies, cells, and industrial particles.

Our family of Ultrasonic Homogenizers offer precision engineering with all the features necessary to create a total system for ultrasonic disruption. They can disintegrate most cells, bacteria, spores or tissue. They can prepare an emulsion down to 1/100 of a micron, homogenize “immiscible” liquids, accelerate enzymatic and chemical reactions, stimulate bacterial activity, disperse solids in liquids and degas liquids.

AppliChem is a worlwide leadin manufacturer of Biochemicals and Chemicals .The products are manufactured under strict quality standards and the latest technology to ensure the health of our employees as well as our customers and the planet. By choosing our products you can be confident you have made the best decision.

digital PanReac Applichem catalogue version.

Look for analytical reagents according to the main pharmacopoeias and instrumental analysis reagents for chromatography and spectroscopy. We have expanded our clinical diagnosis product line with new staining solutions. Laboratory biochemicals range of products has been further developed, particularly in the areas of PCR and mycoplasma control.

For an easy search, the products are listed in alphabetical order and quick search tabs are included at the end for searching via CAS number or product Code

AppliChem listed substances contain valuable information such as product specifications, general chemical information, synonyms and quality or application information, packaging sizes, hazard pictograms and statements and transport Information.

If you have special requests or to get your PanReacApplichem 2015-2017 hardcopy catalogue ask us at info@labconsulting.at or on telefone under 0043 1 244 28 55.

Biosan is well known labinstrument manufacturer for  centrifuges, vortexers, pcr Workstation , dry baths and a lot of innovatiov benchtop Instruments. Also spectrophotometry and fluorometry.

The catalogue demonstrates the innovation in the laboratory instruments industry over the last 23 years.

With Biosan you get a range of personal compact, multifunctional, products with an elegant design.

Biosan product catalogue





Bright Instruments Limited is a privately owned business. They supply a quality range of cryostats, microtomes, freezing units and accessories to pathology, histopathology, immunology, life sciences, research and industrial testing & quality control laboratories world-wide.

5040 Rotary Microtome

The popular 5040 microtome is of rotary retracting, self-lubricating design and has a heavy cast alloy base and cutting arm. Its robust construction makes it accurate and incredibly reliable.

The use of fixed beryllium hinges means that all lateral motion is controlled and allows no slop or play that can be experienced in other, lesser designs which can result in ‘chatter’ and ‘thick and thinning’. Its pawl and ratchet wheel and head-advance design ensures absolute calibration for section thickness accuracy and repeatability.

Features of the 5040 Rotary Microtome

  • Easy to use rotary retracting microtome with wide range of optional features
  • Choice of advance/rewind handle positions
  • Motor drive with zone control is available
  • Of hard wearing construction and maintenance free
  • Standard knife holder accepts most conventional knives
  • Quick release feather blade holder can be fitted
  • Specimen feed indicator
  • Safety features include fitted knife guards and locking handwheel

Based on the long-established and reliable OTF/AS cryostat, the new OTF5000 brings the extensive range of Bright cryostats completely up to date. New styling coupled with improved user ergonomics, the latest blade systems in the ever-reliable and powerful 5040 microtome, a huge choice of options plus money-saving package deals make these cryostats absolutely unique.

They are suitable for an endless range of applications and, in the correct configuration, are capable of cutting a wide diversity of specimens from undecalcified bone to brain, resins, plastics and plant tissue, as well as more usual soft tissue. Allowing full anti-roll plate adjustment for perfect results coupled with long lasting temperature stability, the OTF5000 Cryostat can truly be described as complete.

OTF5000 Cryostat Microtome Features

  • New contoured top for added operator comfort and usability
  • Suitable for research and clinical operation
  • 2 money-saving special packages availablet
  • Uses solid knives or disposable blades including new lever release Feather blade holder
  • Available in 2 different working heights
  • Automatic evaporator defrost supplied as standard
  • Non-urgent functions on side panel
  • Long list of options and accessories
  • Contains tried and tested 5040 rotary microtome

The Clini-RF is a new type of freezer designed to rapidly freeze specimens for sectioning or processing.

It has a lower chamber which can be filled with 3M’s Novec 7100, into which specimens can be immersed. 3M’s Novec is the only freezing liquid that can be used due to it being none inflammble. Alternatively, an aluminium block can be incorporated, into which a specimen holder or chuck can be fitted. The upper chamber is used as a short term storage area for specimens after they have been initially frozen in the lower chamber.

The Clini-RF eliminates the need to use potentially hazardous substances such as carbon dioxide and liquid nitrogen. In order to save power, the compressor for the lower chamber can be manually switched off when it is not required and the Clini-RF will run in a ‘standby’ mode with the upper chamber still running at -40ºC.

A seven day timing device is available as an optional feature to automate switching between the ‘standby’ and ‘operational’ modes. An additional optional feature is a variable temperature control for temperatures above -80ºC.

Features of the Clini-RF Laboratory Freezer

  • Replaces liquid nitrogen freezing systems
  • Replaces carbon dioxide freezing systems of all types
  • Offers a distinct improvement in laboratory safety
  • Easy to use, therefore little operator training is required
  • Upper chamber available for storage at -40ºC
  • Holds 3M’s Novec 7100 for immersion of specimens
  • Typical tissue cooling rate of 0.5ºC/s

The 8000 retracting base sledge microtome offers the ultimate in versatility combined with strength, accuracy, reliability and, not least, safety.

Designed to meet the needs of the routine histology laboratory, the 8000 will also meet the more demanding requirements of the specialised unit where its versatility and wide range of accessories will guarantee that it becomes the first choice of the professional base sledge user.

The 8000 microtome is well suited to cutting a wide range of materials including bone, plastics, resins and wood as well as large area soft tissues and is the first of its kind to incorporate retraction on the return stroke.

Features of the 8000 Sledge or Sliding Microtome

  • Easy to use base sledge retracting microtome complete with standard vice
  • 60µm retraction on the return stroke prevents possible specimen damage
  • Angled and slewable knife holder for greater versatility
  • Accepts a range of knives and disposable blades
  • Safety features include knife guards and low positioned operating handle
  • Range of stages available

For some sectioning work, it is necessary to cool a specimen below room temperature. The Solid State Freezer can be fitted to most microtomes and will permit specimen cooling from ambient to -25ºC or lower, depending on conditions. The equipment consists of a cooling stage and a control unit. The cooling stage is best suited for operation with a base sledge microtome, but can be fitted to most rotary microtomes.

Features of the Solid State Freezer for Microtomes

  • Turns a microtome into a freezing microtome
  • Will fit most other manufacturers’ equipment
  • Choice of two stage sizes
  • Easy to defrost
  • Many other uses around the laboratory where small area freezing is required

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