qPCR Cycler BMS Bio Molecular Systems qPCR Cycler

Mic – The world´s first magnet induction qPCR Cycler

  • Faster (possible to run in less than 25 min)
  • Accurate RealTime Cycler
  • Intelligent software (designed to meet MIQE specifications)
  • Scalable up to 480 samples per run
  • Extremely compact and wireless
  • No need for calibration – ever


BMS (BioMolecularSystems),  the team behind Rotor-Gene and CAS1200  has  developed Mic qPCR !


Reaction Vessels

  • Samples per Instrument: 48
  • Reaction Volume Range: 10 – 25 µL

Thermal Performance

  • Temperature Accuracy: ± 0.25°C
  • Temperature Uniformity: ± 0.05°C
  • Ramp Rates:Heating: 4°C/s, Cooling: 3°C/s
  • Temperature Input Range: 40 – 99°C


  • Detectors: Photodiode per channel
  • Excitation Sources: High energy light emitting diode for each channel
  • Channels:
    Green:   Ex 465nm Em 510nm
    Yellow:   Ex 540nm Em 570nm
    Orange: Ex 585nm Em 618nm
    Red:       Ex 635nm Em 675nm
  • Acquisition Time: 1 second

Mic brochure 

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