CASY Cell Counter & Analyser


Casy CellCounter & Analyzer

You are looking for a new CellCounter, which is reliable, established and publicated in more then 2000 publications ?

Use CASY the gold standard in the world of cell counter

CASY Cell Counter is the fastest, most sensitive and most reliable Cell Counter in the world

  • cellsupensions are measured directly and without pretreatment
  • without staining of viability dyes (Trypan Blue, Propidium Jodid)
  • electrical measurement in a small measurepore with an electrolytical buffer
  • you measure cellnumbers, viable cells and death cells, cell volumes and cell aggregates
  • you get cell size profils in seconds, viabilitytests you can do all the time
  • culture conditions, like concentration, viability, change of the volumes are able to be analysed continously
  • Cell Counting and periodical analyse measurements can be done reproducable and reliable
  • CASY NEW: Measurements & Analyze processes can be done now on Tablet,Laptop and PC

CASY Cell Counter & Analyser can be used with 3 different capillars (150,60,45µm) for different celltypes and sizes 

  • you can see cell size profiles on monitor
  • in form of grafic pulses
  • New Software Update: you can fix automatically upper threshhold for exclusion of celldebris < 7 µm
  • and upper threshhold for the exclusion of aggregation

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