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Micro-Volume Spectrophotometer MaestroNanoPro

Micro-Volume Spectrophotometer MaestroNanoPro is definitely the most special one on the market. Most micro-scale spectrophotometers measure whole wavelength spectrum from 200nm to 900nm; need calibration via experts time to time; and need installed software in another stand- alone computer to operate. Maestrogen provides a better solution for most-used functions economically for users. Measuring these specific useful wavelengths (230/260/280nm and additional 320nm added for MaestroNano Pro), automatical calibration needed, and the embedding operating system makes our outstanding instruments offer a much lower price compared with other similar products.


Micro-Volume Spectrophotometer MaestroNanoPro with the latest technology as listed below :

+Auto-adjustable light intensity
+Easy one-step re-calibration (So easy !)
-Easy modular assembly for maintenance and repair
+Low maintenance cost
+Easy troubleshooting and repair.
+Auxiliary LED light
+Remote access service to get the data
+Smart APPs

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antibodies ELISA Cusabio

With Cusabio we are able to offer recombinant proteins and antibodies, ELISA kits, raw materials for diagnostic reagents, food safety testing products. The products are well-known in pharmaceutical R&D companies, diagnostic reagents manufacturers, government regulatory testing agencies, universities, enterprises and research institutes at home and abroach.


All kinds of products can meet customers’ different demands in various scientific research fields, and worldwide they are published in all kinds of famous Journals, such as《Science》《Nature》《Cell》《Developmental Biology》《Molecular Cell》《Genes & Development》and so on. Now the products cited by publications have reached thousands, and updated hundreds of every year.

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qPCR Cycler BMS Bio Molecular Systems qPCR Cycler

Mic – The world´s first magnet induction qPCR Cycler

  • Faster (possible to run in less than 25 min)
  • Accurate RealTime Cycler
  • Intelligent software (designed to meet MIQE specifications)
  • Scalable up to 480 samples per run
  • Extremely compact and wireless
  • No need for calibration – ever


BMS (BioMolecularSystems),  the team behind Rotor-Gene and CAS1200  has  developed Mic qPCR !


Reaction Vessels

  • Samples per Instrument: 48
  • Reaction Volume Range: 10 – 25 µL

Thermal Performance

  • Temperature Accuracy: ± 0.25°C
  • Temperature Uniformity: ± 0.05°C
  • Ramp Rates:Heating: 4°C/s, Cooling: 3°C/s
  • Temperature Input Range: 40 – 99°C


  • Detectors: Photodiode per channel
  • Excitation Sources: High energy light emitting diode for each channel
  • Channels:
    Green:   Ex 465nm Em 510nm
    Yellow:   Ex 540nm Em 570nm
    Orange: Ex 585nm Em 618nm
    Red:       Ex 635nm Em 675nm
  • Acquisition Time: 1 second

Mic brochure 

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