CERO 3D Cell Incubator


CERO 3 D benchtop cell incubator and Bioreactor

Do you work with Spheroids, Organoids, iPS cells or Primary cells? Do you work in the drug discovery? Do you want to accelerate the cell expansion, differentation and maturation? Are you looking for the newest and best Bioreactor for your cells?

Choose CERO the new 3D benchtop incubator and bioreactor for your cells 

CERO let grow your cells faster and more costeffective then other methods

  • intact healthy cells even from long time cultivation
  • superb yield
  • cost effective running costs
  • it is effortless to handle
  • walk away touch screen operation
  • ready to use cell culture working protocols available
  • time saving via automatic procedures

Cell and the growing process is always under control 

  • controlled chamber for pH, CO2, temperatur and rotation
  • proprietary tube technology with hardly any share forces i
  • optimized nutrient diffusion for healthy cells and high biomass even from long -term cultures
  • Up to 4 independent or parallel cell  culturs
  • Up to 4 x 50 ml culture volumes

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