LabShop – direct sales

The LabShop is located at the Vienna BioCenter and  is available for all laboratory users as a  supply center and service provider. A lot of lab products are available like

On request we can put products on stock especially for you. These items can be delivered promptly. We always evaluate our product portfolio, which is growing and will be adapted on customer´s demand. A showroom gives the possibility to present innovative products.

LabShop online – Online sales The digital lab product catalogue plus shopping features. You can find more then 180.000 high quality products from more then 70 suppliers. It is a digital platform especially for people, who prefer to imform, communicate and/or order products online!

The OnlineShop is available for you. 7 days, 24 hours a day.

LabService – Direct support

We support you extensively in case of repair, service and maintenance. We repair and maintenance in a regularly way :

Lab – innovation platform

In the case you develope a new innovative product for life sciences  or labs in general and you are looking for a partner, who should help you in global marketing and commercialism,  then ask us, we have the right tools and networks.

Lab – Outsourcing

In the case you do not have an purchaser and storage room, you can outsource this part for your daily purchase activities. We can be your purchase partner. We manage your daily purchase and we also offer storage room in LabShop.

Lab – Trade

You always get first class single products and complete product solutions and all from one hand. Each day we work together with more than  600 global suppliers and partners and we do this since 1997.