CAPP ExpellPlus eco-friendly filtertips in cartonboxes


CAPP ExpellPlus Eco friendly sterile low retention Filtertips in Cartonboxes

Do you want to save your environment also when you have to use filter tips ?

Then you can use RNAse/DNAse free, sterile filter tips in cartonboxes!b>

ExpellPlus filter tips are the best solution when you want to use environmental friendly filter tips

  • highest premiumquality
  • best consistence
  • cristalclear surface
  • filters are made from high quality HDPE ( high desnity polyethylene )
  • filtertips are sticked in paperboxes and plasticboxes
  • universal compatible for all pipettes on market
  • DNA,RNA certified and pyrogenfree
  • LowRetention Polymer eliminates liquid retention

Optionally CAPP ExpellPlus Filter tips are also available in refundable plasticboxes

  • 10,10XL µl
  • 20,100 µl
  • 200,300 µl
  • 1000,1250 µl

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