TANBead MAELSTROM9600 Corona COVID 19 RNA Isolation, CE,IVD

Do you isolate RNA and DNA from virus,bacteria, animals or plants in high throuput? Or you are isolating actually Corona Covid-19 viral RNA? Do you look for ready to use diagnostic solutions with CE, IVD and are you also interested into using own protocols ?

Choose TANBead Maelstrom9600 Nucleic acid extractor system

Maelstrom9600 offers you the following advantages

  • High Throuput:96 samples/run with AutPlate Kits
  • Efficient whirl stir mixing approach
  • Speed and precision
  • 4 independent temperature control modules
  • Flexibility in samples/run
  • 6, 12, 18, 24, 32 up to 48 (with single tube)

The purification is made for routine diagnostic purposes  

  • fill in your samples into lysisplates
  • put in all plates, tips and beads into the Maelstrom
  • press on start – Maelstrom is doing the rest
  • after 50 minutes you will get 96xRNA or DNA ready to use for PCR

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