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Lab Armor Bead Bath

State of the art design. Breakthrough temperature control. Three sizes to choose from 6,14 and 20 Liter Models. No more harmful germicides.  50% more energy efficient than a water bath.

All of the built-in features on Bead Bath were designed from the ground up to take advantage of Lab Armor Beads and advanced capabilities of Bead Bath. And they deliver exceptional temperature uniformity up to 80ºC. So you can do things with this bath that you can’t do with your typical bead-filled water bath.

You can order LabArmor bead baths in LabShop Online: www.labshop-online.com

The Eco-friendly Bead Bath

Lab Armor Beads are dry, thermal metallic beads designed to replace water in any Standard depth, non-circulating and non-shaking lab water bath. Beads can also be used to replace aluminum blocks in dry baths and ice in ice buckets. Beads are dry and naturally more resistant to microbial growth than water and therefore less likely to harbor and contribute to transmitting microorganisms in the laboratory.

Lab Armor Beads prevent distorted data and dangers resulting from inaccurate temperatures, evaporated lab water baths, and water-exposed contaminated samples. The Beads are designed to decrease microbial contamination that can ruin experiments or lead to safety issues in the laboratory.

Lab Armor Beads flow fluidly and can conform to all sizes and shapes of vessels placed within the bath. Vessels prone to tipping over or floating away no longer require racks, floats or bottleneck weights to secure them in place. Sample vessels can be conveniently buried into the beads to avoid temperature gradients associated with exposure to room temperature air. Bottles will rest on the surface and conical tubes will stay firmly in place in less than 1/2 inch of Beads.

“Purchased to decrease water bath contamination. Experience has been wonderful with decreased time taken for cleaning and decreased contamination of tissue culture.

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Sizes of the 3 bead bath models

6 L Bath (M706) + 5 L Beads Height 8.5 inches (21.6 cm)Width 15.9 inches (40.4 cm)Depth 12.3 inches (31.2 cm)Tub 6x12x6 (15.2×30.5×15.2 cm)

14 L Bath (M714) + 12 L Beads8.5 inches (21.6 cm)15.9 inches (40.5 cm)18.5 inches (47 cm)6x12x12 (15×30.5×30.5 cm

20 L Bath (M720) + 15 L Beads8.5 inches (21.6 cm)15.9 inches (40.4 cm)23.25 inches (59 cm)6x12x17 (15.2×30.5×43.2 cm)

























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Shanghai Zhijiang Biotechnology Co., Ltd (ZJ Bio-Tech), founded in 2001, is a leading biotechnology company in the diagnostic reagent field.

They are specialized in development, manufacture, and sales of real time PCR detection kits. The wide range of real time PCR kits is well used in clinical diagnostics, public health incidence control, entry-exit inspection and quarantine, food safety inspection, husbandry and fishery disease detection, etc. ZJ Bio-Tech’s production basis is approved with GMP certificate and part of their products have gained state patents and China FDA certificates.

Life River (ZJ Bio-tech) webpage 

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Well established since 1911, Macherey-Nagel is developing innovative products around  chromatography, filtration and DNA, RNA, plasmid and protein purification  systems and applications. Highest quality, best performance and reliability are the key features for each of the M&N products.

Macherey Nagel Kits are available also online  www.labshop-online.com .

M&N Brand products:

MagCore Automatic Nucleic Acid Extraction Systems and cartridge kits (CE IVD)from RBC Bioscience. You can choose between 4 different extractors: MagCore HF48, MagCore16 Super, MagCore16HF Plus, MagCore Compact and between a large well established, high quality and economic productrange of  CE IVD nucleic acid isolation cartridge kits for different Kind of sample types.

MagCore Nucleic Acid Extraction Kits and different Automatic Extractors Overview

MagCore HF Extractor and different kit descriptions catalogue

MagCore® HF48 Automated Nucleic Acid Extractor

MagCore® HF48 is a High-throughput powerful system with consistent and simultaneous processing of 1st~24th or 24th~48th samples of DNA/RNA at A/B operation zones. It provides fast, cost-effective, and automated extraction purification of nucleic acids from diverse sample types including whole blood, bacteria cells, plant cells, cultured cells, virus particles and tissues.
With a sterilization system built-in, optimized protocols pre-programmed and CE IVD magnetic bead-based reagent cartridges supplied, MagCore® HF48 provides users a fast, efficient and cross-contamination-free isolation of various DNA/RNA samples. Its superb processing capacity makes itself a perfect solution for high-capacity nucleic acid purification.

MagCore HF48 High Flyer

MagCoreSuper Automated Nucleic Acid Extractor

MagCoreSuper is RBC Bioscience’s most advanced and efficient robotic workstation for nucleic acid extraction. It is the first platform combining EXTRACTOR and SPECTROPHOTOMETER. Users are benefited with automatic purification, OD values retrieval and final eluate concentration measurement. It is equipped with a colored touch screen, thermo printer, barcode scanner, USB flash p&p.

MagCoreSuper Flyer

MagCore® HF16 Plus Automated Nucleic Acid Extractor

MagCore® HF16 Plus is the 2nd generation of HF 16 with improvements at mechanical design and program efficiency. With a user friendly design and built-in programs, up to 16 samples can be isolated at your fingertip. CE-IVDD certificated reagent kits available for various samples of whole blood, serum, plasma, body fluids, bacteria, plant, cultured cells, tissues, etc. Barcode scanner and thermo printer are
available on request.

MagCoreHF16Plus Flyer

MagCore® Compact Automated Nucleic Acid Extractor

MagCore® Compact is economic, fast, space saving from a diverse range of sample sources. In terms of its literal meaning of “Compact” , all basic and necessary functions are crammed and equipped to meet the requirements of customers who take care of the small number of samples during a day.

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With miniPCR DNA Discovery System from Amplyus you have

the complete biotechnology toolkit for your lab or classroom or outdoor PCR

  • miniPCRTM PCR machine
  • blueGelTM electrophoresis System
  • micropipette (2-20 µL)

miniPCR The PCR machine for everyone, everywhere.

  • Superior PCR performance
  • Interactive App
  • Portable and perfect for every bench
  • Designed, engineered, and built in USA

blueGel Integrated DNA electrophoresis and visualization

  • Integrated electrophoresis and illuminator
  • Fast results using up to 10x less reagents
  • Visualize DNA as it separates
  • No Ethidium Bromide, UV, or high voltage

miniPCRTM micropipette

  • Accurate, simple , affordable

miniPCR machine Manual  and   blueGel electrophoresis Manual

Video to miniPCR machine

Video to the blueGel electrophoresis

If you have open questions or you need more information  please contact us directly per e-mail: info @labconsulting.at or tel: 0043 1 244 28 55


















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