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Thermalcycler Gene Explorer, 2×48-Well

You are looking for a new Thermalcycler, which is able to replace a standard brand with performance, features and attractive price ?

Then try it with this absolute game changer in the world of PCR cyclers around !

Gene Explorer Thermal Cycler is an absolutely reliable Gradientthermalcycler

  • superb performance
  • easy to use and intuitive colourful touchdisplay
  • high precision and reproducibility of your amplification products
  • high uniformity with 8 Peltier-elements
  • 4 temperatur sensors
  • fast heating/coolong rates 5°C / Sek.
  • standard gradientfunction
  • and also with 6 temperaturzones is available

Optional this “Cyclerline” is available in interchangeable blockvariants: 

  • GS-96 (standard 96-Well, 0,2 ml block)
  • GS-384 (384 Well-block)
  • GS-248 (2×48-Well-block)
  • fixed GS324 (3×32-Well, 0,2 ml block)

You can buy the cycler online in LabShop online – Online Shop or you can take without costs a consulting and then you can convince yourselfe from the quality of our offerts.

You  can also find experts from LabConsulting in the local LabShop at Vienna BioCenter for your support.

Gene Explorer Thermo Cycler from Bio-Gener are high tech, modular with interchangeable block systems is constantly developing and delivering wide spectrum of lab equipment such as the state of the art microvolume spectrophotometer for determination of DNA/RNA concentration, Hercuvan thermal cycler for amplification of DNAs, high precision pipettes and various of the most widely applied bench top-sized equipment for life science and general laboratory research field.

Gene Explorer Thermocycler Line








Golden Gate Bioscience consumable products like PCR Plastic, filter tips, Standard tips, PCR plates and  others like vials and microcentrifuge tubes are made for the global bio-tech Research community. GoldenGate Bioscience line comprises the following product groups:

Golden Gate Bioscience cataloge


  • UniFit™ Pipette Tips
  • AeroGard™ Filter Barrier Tips
  • ClickSeal™ MicroCentrifuge Tubes
  • BioStor™ Screw-cap Vials
  • MicroTube Rack System™
  • MicroFlex™ PCR Tubes, Strips and Plates


GORYO Chemical creates innovative fluorescent probes in cell biology for both in vitro and in vivo applications. The best known products are fluorescence ORANGE products from the AcidiFluor Series , the Near infrared products from the CalFluor Series and the GlycoYELLOW and TokyoGreen producs from GlycoFluor Series.

Homogenizers and Bead rupter from Omni International are used in research institutions, pharmaceutical and contract labs and biotechnology organizations worldwide since 1956. The company’s dedication to making homogenizing easy and offering unparalleled support is ever-present as it continues to innovate in an effort to advance scientific research. Very popular are Bead Ruptor 4,12 and 24 Homogenizer and also manual homogenizer.

Bead Ruptor 4 Homogenizer

The Omni Bead Ruptor 4 is the newest addition to the Omni line of Bead Ruptor bead mill homogenizers. Built upon the innovative design and unsurpassed quality of Omni’s Bead Ruptor family, the Bead Ruptor 4 provides powerful performance in a compact design.

Using disposable sample tubes pre-filled with a variety of lysing beads, the Bead Ruptor 4 vigorously and uniformly shakes up to 4 tubes at a time providing an efficient, consistent homogenization and high-yield. The Omni Bead Ruptor 4 is an ideal solution for releasing DNA, RNA, proteins and enzymes from very tough and small samples while still retaining molecular integrity.

Bead Ruptor 12 Homogenizer

The Bead Ruptor 12 is the most powerful and quickest economical bead mill homogenizer available today. It is an ideal solution for a variety of applications that require grinding, lysing, and homogenization of biological samples prior to molecular extraction.

Using disposable sample tubes pre-filled with a variety of lysing beads, the Bead Ruptor 12 vigorously and uniformly shakes up to 12 tubes at a time providing an efficient, consistent homogenization and high-yield. Unlike most other bead mill homogenizers, the Bead Ruptor 12 does not require a cool down period between runs. This means more samples can be processed in a smaller amount of time.

Bead Ruptor 24 Bead Mill Homogenizer

Lyse the toughest samples in seconds

The Bead Ruptor is the most advanced and easy to use bead mill homogenizer available. It is specifically designed for grinding, lysing, and homogenizing biological samples prior to molecular extraction.

  • Wide range of accessories for any sample size – 24 x 0.5 mL, 24 x 1.5 mL, 24 x 2 mL, 12 x 7 mL, 3 x 15 mL, 6 x 30 mL, 3 x 50 mL, or 96-well strip well tubes.
  • Most powerful bead mill on the market – homogenize the most challenging samples
  • No cool down required between runs: process hundreds of samples per day
  • Convenient front loading design, 99 programmable memory settings, and multilingual user interface
  • Ideal homogenizer for extraction of DNA, RNA, proteins, and small molecules

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