antibiotic Zone Reader colony Counter

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antibiotic Zone Reader colony Counter

BioLogics is a leading innovator and manufacturer of laboratory instrumentation for the Life Sciences. They offer novel systems that dramatically enhance microbiology applications such as automating antibiotic potency testing (OMNICON Antibiotic Zone Reader – Zones of Inhibition) and bacterial automated colony Counter.


For the Drug Discovery researcher, they manufacture automated systems for sensitivity testing (tumor colony analyzer) of chemotherapeutic or radiation therapeutic agents.

For the Life Science Researcher, they manufacture the most complete line of Ultrasonic Homogenizers (Sonicator) and accessories.

As recognized a leading manufacturer of Image Analysis System, BioLogics offers “turn-key” applications for testing antibiotic potency (antibiotic bio-assay). We’ve also developed ancillary products such as Peni Cylinders, Peni Cylinder Dispensers and the OMNI-Noculator, a revolutionary robotic liquid dispensing system to fill Peni Cylinders. Our strength lies in the ability to provide application support and prompt and efficient customer service.

BioLogics offers a complete line of manual to motorized Peni Cylinder Dispensers. Stainless steel Peni Cylinders are available in two configurations, Flat Face or Chamfered Face (beveled).

The Peni Cylinder Dispenser with Motorized Hopper continuously rotates the Hopper providing the configured number of Peni Cylinders onto the 100mm round petri dish with a pull of the lever

The AccuCount series of automated colony counters are designed to count macroscopic or micoscopic objects in a field displaying totals on a highly visible digital readout. Its outstanding sensitivity and resolution permits counting of a wide range of object types and sizes, including bacterial colonies, cells, and industrial particles.

Our family of Ultrasonic Homogenizers offer precision engineering with all the features necessary to create a total system for ultrasonic disruption. They can disintegrate most cells, bacteria, spores or tissue. They can prepare an emulsion down to 1/100 of a micron, homogenize “immiscible” liquids, accelerate enzymatic and chemical reactions, stimulate bacterial activity, disperse solids in liquids and degas liquids.




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