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AppliChem is a worlwide leadin manufacturer of Biochemicals and Chemicals .The products are manufactured under strict quality standards and the latest technology to ensure the health of our employees as well as our customers and the planet. By choosing our products you can be confident you have made the best decision.

digital PanReac Applichem catalogue version.


Look for analytical reagents according to the main pharmacopoeias and instrumental analysis reagents for chromatography and spectroscopy. We have expanded our clinical diagnosis product line with new staining solutions. Laboratory biochemicals range of products has been further developed, particularly in the areas of PCR and mycoplasma control.

For an easy search, the products are listed in alphabetical order and quick search tabs are included at the end for searching via CAS number or product Code

AppliChem listed substances contain valuable information such as product specifications, general chemical information, synonyms and quality or application information, packaging sizes, hazard pictograms and statements and transport Information.

If you have special requests or to get your PanReacApplichem 2015-2017 hardcopy catalogue ask us at info@labconsulting.at or on telefone under 0043 1 244 28 55.