MiniPCR DNA Discovery system

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MiniPCR DNA Discovery system

With miniPCR DNA Discovery System from Amplyus you have

the complete biotechnology toolkit for your lab or classroom or outdoor PCR

  • miniPCRTM PCR machine
  • blueGelTM electrophoresis System
  • micropipette (2-20 µL)


miniPCR The PCR machine for everyone, everywhere.

  • Superior PCR performance
  • Interactive App
  • Portable and perfect for every bench
  • Designed, engineered, and built in USA

blueGel Integrated DNA electrophoresis and visualization

  • Integrated electrophoresis and illuminator
  • Fast results using up to 10x less reagents
  • Visualize DNA as it separates
  • No Ethidium Bromide, UV, or high voltage

miniPCRTM micropipette

  • Accurate, simple , affordable

miniPCR machine Manual  and   blueGel electrophoresis Manual

Video to miniPCR machine

Video to the blueGel electrophoresis

If you have open questions or you need more information  please contact us directly per e-mail: info @labconsulting.at or tel: 0043 1 244 28 55