Macherey-Nagel – Nucleic Acid & Protein Isolation Kits

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Macherey-Nagel – Nucleic Acid & Protein Isolation Kits

Well established since 1911, Macherey-Nagel is developing innovative products around  chromatography, filtration and DNA, RNA, plasmid and protein purification  systems and applications. Highest quality, best performance and reliability are the key features for each of the M&N products.


Macherey Nagel Kits are available also online  www.labshop-online.com .

M&N Brand products:


ExtractMe Nucleic Acid Isolation Kits

ExtractMe nucleic acid isolation kits, reagents, enzymes and educational kits are innovative porducts from DNA-Gdansk. LabConsulting.at offers a comprehensive range of molecular biology products Meeting with the highest standards for laboratory research.


ExtractMe Kits are available also online in LabShop online www.labshop-online.com 

  • Kits for nucleic acid isolation and purification from different sources
  • Reagents for PCR techniques, including DNA polymerases, PCR enhancers, Master Mixes and deoxyribonucleotides
  • RNA related products (eg. cDNA synthesis kits)
  • Enzymes & recombinant proteins
  • Educational kits in field of molecular biology, diagnostics and genetics designed to facilitate laboratory trainings
  • DNA and protein ladders, agaroses
  • PCR kits for detection of bacterial and fungal DNA (For Research Use Only)