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Aggregometer SD Innovation

Aggregometer and the Osmocells are 2 innovation from French innovater SD Innovation, and now they are available for your clinical applications.

The Aggregometer is a semi-automation for platelet Aggregation. It enables the measurement of the kinetics of blood platelet aggregation.


Very easy to use, thanks to embedded computing, it  provides rapid, reliable and reproducible measurements. It is available as an 4 measurement channel and scaleable to 8 measurement channel (Patient) version.

Application fields

  • Functional platelet exploration (haemorrhagiparous pathologies, effects of antiplatelets treatments) ;
  • Activity quantification of the Ristocetin co-factor (“von Willebrand” factor) ;
  • Detection of the platelet’s factor activator : Thrombopenia Induced by Heparine (TIH) ;

Reagents for platelet aggregation and protocols are associated

ADP reagent, Epinephrin reagent, Arachidonic Acid reagent, Ristocetin reagent, Collagen reagent,Lyophilized platelets kit

The SD Aggregometer Broschure

The SD-Medical Osmocells (CE IVD)

SD Medical Osmocells measures the osmotic resistance of the blood cells’ membrane. Automatize the manual technique of DACIE in a significantly reduced time.

Your benefit : In only 2 minutes of Manipulation you get results within 10 minutes.

SD-Medical Osmocells provides rapid, reliable and reproducible measurements.

Application fields

  • Erythrocytes :
    Characterization of the hemolysis (fragility membranaire). Allows the determination of certain erythrocytes pathologies (Minkowski Chauffard).
  • Blood platelets :
    Characterization of swelling and the cellular lyses by slow dialysis or by the test described as « the hypotonic shock response » (option), favoring for example, assessing the viability of platelet concentrates