Micro-Volume Spectrophotometer NanoReady

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Micro-Volume Spectrophotometer NanoReady

Micro-Volume Spectrophotometer MaestroNanoPro is definitely the most special one on the market. Most micro-scale spectrophotometers measure whole wavelength spectrum from 200nm to 900nm; need calibration via experts time to time; and need installed software in another stand- alone computer to operate. Maestrogen provides a better solution for most-used functions economically for users. Measuring these specific useful wavelengths (230/260/280nm and additional 320nm added for MaestroNano Pro), automatical calibration needed, and the embedding operating system makes our outstanding instruments offer a much lower price compared with other similar products.


Micro-Volume Spectrophotometer MaestroNanoPro with the latest technology as listed below :

+Auto-adjustable light intensity
+Easy one-step re-calibration (So easy !)
-Easy modular assembly for maintenance and repair
+Low maintenance cost
+Easy troubleshooting and repair.
+Auxiliary LED light
+Remote access service to get the data
+Smart APPs

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