WESTAR Chemi Substrates

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WESTAR Chemi Substrates

WESTAR Chemi Substrates from Cyanagen is a  patented product line for Chemi substrates dedicated to Western Blotting:

WESTAR products cover a wide range of possible signal intensity and duration, from the entry level ECL-SUN, to the top of the line, SUPERNOVA. Each product is at the top of its market segment for performance, and cost to performance Ratio

Westar Chemi Substrates Flyer


  • WESTAR SUN – standard signal intensity
  • WESTAR NOVA 2.0 – medium signal intensity
  • WESTAR ETA C 2.0 – high signal intensity
  • WESTAR ETA C ULTRA 2.0 – very high signal intensity
  • WESTAR SUPERNOVA – extreme signal intensity


Order-No Substrate Primary Ab dilution range* Secondary Ab dilution range*
XLS063 WESTAR SUN From 1/100 to 1/5,000 From 1/1,000 to 1/15,000
XLS071 WESTAR Nova 2.0 From 1/500 to 1/5,000 From 1/20,000 to 1/100,000
XLS070 WESTAR EtaC 2.0 From 1/1,000 to 1/15,000 From 1/25,000 to 1/150,000
XLS075 WESTAR EtaC Ultra 2.0 From 1/5,000 to 1/50,000 From 1/50,000 to 1/250,000
XLS3 WESTAR Supernova From 1/5,000 to 1/100,000 From 1/100,000 to 1/500,000

WESTAR detection reagents are non-isotopic, luminol-based chemiluminescence substrate, designed for the chemiluminescent detection of immobilized proteins and immobilized nucleic acids conjugated with horseradish peroxidase (HRP). Using this method, it is possible to detect membrane immobilized specific antigens, or sequences of nucleic acids, labeled directly with HRP or indirectly with HRP-labeled antibodies/streptavidin.


  • G:BOX/GeneGnome (Syngene)
  • ChemiDocXRS and VersaDoc (BIO-RAD)
  • Odyssey FC (LI-COR)
  • C-DiGit Blot Scanner (LI-COR)
  • UVIchemi and UVIprochemi (UVItec Ltd.)
  • ImageQuant LAS-4000/Mini (GE Healthcare)
  • ChemiImager (Alpha Innotech)
  • Image Station 2000/40000MM (Kodak)
  • FOTO/Analyst Luminary/FX Systems (Fotodyne)
  • LAS-3000 (Fujifilm)

NOTE: This is just a brief summary of the main instrumentation compatible with WESTAR Substrates.