Casy Cell Counter

  • Highest reproducibility and accuracy
  • No sample preparation
  • Transparent results and quality control
  • GMP / GLP compliant

Casy Cell Counter



  • Cell suspensions are measured directly and untreated
  • Without staining of viability dyes (Trypan Blue, Propidium Iodide)
  • Electrical measurement in a measuring pore with the addition of an electrolyte buffer
  • The cell size profiles are created in seconds
  • Culture conditions such as concentration, viability and changes in volume can be checked continuously and continuously
  • Cell counting and various recurring culture analyzes are reliably possible


  • Optionally works with 3 different capillaries that are used for different cell sizes
  • Display of the cell size profiles on the screen in the form of graphic pulse heights
  • New SWUpdate: Definition of an automatic lower threshold value for cell debris <7 µm.
  • and upper threshold for exclusion of cell clumps


  • Certified, lifetime calibration for biological media
  • Fully electronic control of the measuring pore: no manual, optical control required
  • Integrated quality control system for recording measurement-critical deviations
  • GLP / GMP compliant: IQ, OQ, PQ
  • Optional 21 CFR Part 11 compliant
  • Based on reference method ISO 13319
  • Fan-free, cleanroom-suitable system

CASY technology is based on the electrical detection of the cells when they pass through a measuring pore. Cells with an intact cell membrane exclude the electrical current and generate a signal that depends on the volume of the cell (Electrical Current Exclusion, ECE). Dead cells with a damaged cell membrane can no longer exclude the current and are recorded with the volume of their cell nucleus. The “pulse area analysis” developed especially for CASY technology is a digital signal evaluation with one million measuring points per second. The high resolution achieved ensures that vital cells are recorded separately from dead cells and that the CASY covers a very large measuring range. This means that all objects from cell debris to dead and vital cells to large cell clusters are recorded simultaneously with a single measurement.

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