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LabShop – stands for comfort! Direct sales and always there for you on site! LabShop at the Vienna BioCenter. The LabShop is located at the Vienna BioCenter and is available to your laboratory staff as a supply center and service provider. Numerous laboratory products are always in stock and can be delivered immediately. The product repertoire is constantly evaluated, expanded and adapted to requirements. An additional showroom gives the opportunity to present innovative laboratory products

We cooperate with a network of manufacturers all over the world and which has grown since 1997 supplies laboratory products and laboratory solutions from over 600 manufacturers. Building on our know-how we serve you very professionally, precisely, individually and always promptly. We deliver innovations and economically optimized products in your laboratory.

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LabShop Direct Sales


Casy Cell Counter & Analyzer at LabConsulting in Vienna / Austria

Casy Cell Counter & Analyzer

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Ultra Low Temp Freezer Meling at LabConsulting in Vienna / Austria


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SARS-CoV-2 Real Time PCR LAB-KIT from BioMaxima at LabConsulting in Vienna / Austria

BIOMAXIMA SARS-CoV-2 Real Time PCR LAB-KIT 8-well strip low profile

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NucleoSpin, NucleoBond, NucleoMag isolation kits from Macherey Nagel at LabConsulting in Vienna / Austria

Macherey-Nagel Isolation kits:NucleoSpin, NucleoBond

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TANBead MAELSTROM 9610 Automated plattform

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SARS-CoV-2 antigen rapid test HIGHTOP at LabConsulting in Vienna / Austria

Covid antigen rapid test HIGHTOP

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SARS-CoV-2 Lamp Kit from ViroReal at LabConsulting in Vienna BioCenter

SARS-CoV-2 ViroReal® Kit RT-LAMP

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Diagnovital SARS-CoV2 Real Time PCR Kit bei Labconsulting in Wien bei Biozentrum

HUMAN PLACENTA Collagen-I, liquid

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Gel Imaging System - LabConsulting

Gel Documentation System

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Andis CoVD-2 detection kit at LabConsulting in Vienna

SARS-CoV-2 RT-qPCR Detection Kit

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We support you  with repairs, service and maintenance. Regular repairs and maintenance include: Laminar flows, incubators, autoclaves, refrigerators and freezers, -80 ° C cabinets, centrifuges, pipettes, thermal cyclers, gel imagers, pipetting robots.

Your advantage: We always work customer-oriented, quickly and very efficiently. LabService means convenience. We work hand in hand with you. We always try to keep your laboratory running.

LabShop Service

Brands & partners

Laborlösungen und Laborgeräte von Biotium bei LabConsulting in Wien/Österreich
Pipetten, Filterspitzen, Benchtop von Capp bei LabConsulting in Wien/Österreich
Laborlösungen und Laborgeräte von Biosan bei LabConsulting in Wien/Österreich
Laborreagenzien und Chemikalien von PanReac AppliChem bei LabConsulting in Wien/Österreich
LabQ Taq Polymerase bei LabConsulting in Wien


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