RealTime PCR Cycler"Gentier 48R"

Real Time PCR Cycler with 2 Channel and Gradient
  • Design for flexible use
  • Fast and uniform heating system
  • High sensitive and precise optical system
  • Easy-to-use software

RealTime PCR Cycler"Gentier 48R"


What can the RealTime PCR Cycler"Gentier 48R" process?

  • Absolute quantitative analysis.
  • Relative quantitative analysis.
  • Isothermal amplification.
  • Dissociation curve analysis.
  • Genotyping and endpoint fluorescence analysis.


  • Rapid heating up and cooling down: maximum heating rate of 8.0℃/s; maximum cooling rate of 6.2℃/s.
  • High-brightness, maintenance-free LED lightsource with 2  fluorescence detection channels, allowing fluorescence scanning of all wells completed in just 2s.
  • With a 7-inch full-color touchscreen, the device can operate independently from the computer and store over 1,000 experimental data.
  • Immediate analysis of experimental data on the instrument, without the need for a computer; direct printing function by connecting to a thermal printer.
  • Automatic recovery of the experiment when the power is on again after cutting off, without waiting for the power-on of the computer or software control.
  • Small in size, light in weight, easy to move; and no calibration needed after moving.
Fluorescence Channels 2
Sample Throughput 48
Authoritative Certifications NMPA, CE
Compatible Fluorophores Channel 1: FAM, SYBR Green I, SYTO 9, EvaGreen, LC Green.
Channel 2: HEX, VIC, TET, JOE.
Lightsource High-brightness, long-life, maintenance-free LED light source
Detector Photodiodes (PDs)
Method Simultaneous well-by-well scanning of all fluorescent channels, without edge effects
Detection Duration Detection of 48 wells of all channels completed in 2s.
Heating & Cooling Rates Maximum heating rate of 8.0℃/s; Maximum cooling rate of 6.2℃/s.
Temperature Accuracy ≤0.1℃
Temperature-Controlled Programs Supporting conventional PCR, gradient PCR, touchdown PCR, long-range PCR, etc.
Analytical Functions Qualitative analysis, absolute quantitative analysis, relative quantitative analysis, endpoint fluorescence analysis, dissociation curve analysis, and SNP analysis, etc
Linearity & Repeatability Linearity: /r/≥0.999

Repeatability: cycle threshold (Ct) value CV≤0.5%

Control method Stand-alone operation: 7-inch touchscreen control;

Network operation: PC software control via direct connection or LAN (lcal area network)

Suitable Consumables 0.2mL transparent skirtless 48-well plate, 8-tube strips, and single tubes
Power Failure Protection Automatic recovery of the experiment and other functions when the power is on again after cutting off, without waiting for the power-on of the computer or software control.
Data storage > 1000 experimental data for stand-alone operation
Customized Reporting Lab report templates of various industries pre-stored.

Open and universal reporting function, user-definable report content and form

LIS Functions Formats exported: CSV, Excel, TXT, etc.

Open data port, synchronized interconnection with LIS system

Stand-alone Analysis Results No need for an extra computer: immediate analysis of experimental data on the instrument; direct printing function (optional) to output the sample amplification curve and CT value, simply by connecting to the special thermal printer.
Size and Weight 260mm*400mm*260mm(W*D*H),11 kg
Power supply AC 220 V (±10%), 50 Hz, 600 VA.

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