LabQ RealTime PCR Kit SYBR Universal

LabQ RealTime PCR Kit SYBR Universal, 2000 reactions
  • Allround-qPCR Mix for SYBR®Green-based detection
  • Optimized for a broad range of applications
  • Reduces the risk of contamination from PCR products
  • Suitable for all PCR machines
  • 2000 rxn á 20µl (4x5ml)

LabQ RealTime PCR Kit SYBR Universal



  • HotStart feature for maximum control over the reaction start (e.g. in automated applicatons).
  • dUTP/dTTP blend to enable UNG digestion (reducing the risk of contamination from PCR products).
  • Universal ROX concentration suitable for all PCR machines.
  • Additional normalization option for Bio-Rad cyclers.
  • Improved perfomance in the presence of PCR inhibitor.

Additional materials required

  • Nuclease-free PCR tubes or plates and suitable sealing options.
  • Real-time PCR cycler.
  • PCR primer.
  • Template DNA and control DNA standards.
  • Filter pipette tips.
  • Sterile, nuclease-free, DNA-free tubes for preparing the reaction mix.

Reaction Setup

Before starting the reaction setup, thaw LabQ RealTime PCR Kit SYBR Universal and mix thoroughly but gently to ensure even distribution of components.

Dilute your standard DNA and experimental samples with nuclease-free water to the desired concentrations and add them to theier designated wells in the multi-well plate.

For negative control, add nuclease-free water.

Keep the plate on ice until further use.

Component Volume Final Concentration
LabQ RealTime PCR Kit SYBR Universal 10 µl 1x
Template DNA < 10 ng for low complexity templates
X µl >1 for high complexity templates
Max. 2µl of reverse transcription reaction
Forward primer (10µM) 0.4 µl 0.05 – 0.09 µM each
Reverse primer (10µM) 0.4 µl 0.05 – 0.9 µM each
Nuclease-free dH2O To 20 µl

Recommended qPCR Protocol

Set Cycles °C Time
Initial Denaturation 1 95°C 5 minutes
Amplification 40 95°C



10 seconds

15 seconds / 10 seconds

20 seconds

Add an addtional melting curve step if required. A melting curve is recommended to ensure specific amplification and to detect possible primer oligomers.

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